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Flow Performance Coaching

To Take You To The Next Level

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Take Your Racing To The Next level 


To Fight For Your Championship 


To Feel At Your Best And Drive At Your Best 

Craig Muirhead
Creates Positive
Change In Performance

Craig created Camino Coaching in 2016 to work with people who are driven to be the best they can be on track and off.​​

I help car and motorcycle racers go from mid-pack to a podium contenders! And on to race winners and series champions with a structure to create a clear path to take you from where you are currently to where you want to be.


My training is designed for racers who are hungry to win and are driven to be the best they can be to get to the top of their sport. 

Training with Craig will give you the edge through:

Performance Mindset 

Mental Strength & Clarity

Warm-up & Preparation Techniques 

Powerful Goal Setting Process 

Mental Rehearsal 

Belief System 

Interactions With People & Events 
Race Weekend Performance Cycle 
Priming For Performance Techniques 
Reflection & Debrief Structure

Train Your Brain for New Challenges & Overcoming Fear 

Access Flow To Perform At Your Highest Level 

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