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Performance mindset coaching for dedicated motorbike racers and racing drivers who want to access peak performance and unlock their full potential on track.


Our training programmes are focused on accessing the flow state, also known as being "in the zone," which refers to a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity, feeling energized, and focused it is often described as a state of optimal performance.


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Camino Coaching will help you improve your resilience, performance mindset and transform your results.


We have over 7 years’ of experience in helping riders and drivers access their flow to reach their full potential.
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"Performance Principles brought me so much knowledge about myself and how to approach race days. After a year of being mad at myself about results and not seeming to make a step up, I had a complete mental turnaround and made huge progress mentally and also on the bike, which brought me many wins and the Dutch Pro1000 championship."


Richard Knegt

2023 Netherlands Pro1000 Champion

"I started the training to improve my ability to consistently perform regardless of exterior factors. Through the course, I have realised the amount of performance that is reliant upon your mental state The training has made me a more aware and confident person, in and out of the car. It has also allowed me to perform to a higher standard and understand how l've done so. I've greatly enjoyed finding more out about myself as a competitor, and the modules are extremely easy to follow as Craig has great knowledge of the course and is equally great at communicating it. Your biggest danger, in reality, is overthinking it."

Bart Horsten
BMW M2 Cup / Aston Martin F1 Team Sim Development Driver 

Over the past six seasons, Camino Coaching has been helping riders achieve their goals in British Superbikes, Red Bull Rookies, Finetwork Junior GP, Moto3 & Moto2 World Championships.

There is something to suit every rider at Camino Coaching.

Rider Flow – creating podium contenders, take our quiz to find out more.

Camino Coaching has been working with drivers since 2018 in the paddocks of British F4, GB3, and the European Motorsport BMW M2 Cup.

There is something to suit every driver at Camino Coaching.

Driver Flow - make standing on the podium a reality; take our quiz to find out more