Driver Performance Programme  


1 on 1 Training 

Learn the key elements of your performance behind the wheel 

Race Weekend Structure 

Manage your energy and attention to perform at your best with a Race Weekend Structure and Debrief 

Performance Coaching 

To ensure you are getting the maximum out of the course to take your driving to the next level 

Driver Performance  


On-Demand Video Training Modules 

Learn the key elements of your performance at your own pace 

Race Weekend Structure 

Manage your energy and attention to perform at your best with a Race Weekend Structure and Debrief 

Hard Copy Handbook 

The perfect training companion the Performance Principles  handbook is the perfect place for your notes and extra information to take with you to the track

Take Your Driving To The Next Level 


Bart Horsten 

Hitech GP BRDC British F3 Championship

"I started the training to improve my ability to consistently perform regardless of exterior factors.
Through the course, I have realised the amount of performance that is reliant upon your mental state
The training has made me a more aware and confident person, in and out of the car. It has also allowed me to perform to a higher standard and understand how I've done so.
I've greatly enjoyed finding more out about myself as a competitor and the modules are extremely easy to follow as Craig has great knowledge of the course and is equally great at communicating it. Your biggest danger, in reality, is overthinking it."

Alex Connor 

Arden Motorsport British F4 Championship
"I started working with Craig to improve my concentration while driving under pressure. I have gained a full understanding of the mindset that I should have throughout the weekend and how I should react to different circumstances. I am more aware of the different things that can affect you during a race meeting 
The training modules are good and easy to follow and I think this has helped as the modules are not too long so I am able to concentrate for the whole time."

Podium proven training to transform your approach to your driving and increase your performance, confidence and results

Driver Performance Programme




✅ Training that allows you to take in the new concepts to be able to powerfully take in the information and tools you can use on track. 

 ✅ 2 x 30-minute training sessions per week covering Mindset - How Your Brain Works - Overcoming Distractions - Dealing With Expectations & Nerves - Activating The Brain Warm-Up & Preparation - Performance Technology - Sensory Inputs.

 ✅  Life Time Access: Rewatch the content whenever it is needed to remind you of the tools to increase your performance.

✅ Technology recommendations to assist you in your routine and helps to create the perfect conditions and feedback for you to perform at your highest level. 

 ✅ Priming and preparation routines to have you ready to perform at your highest level from the out-lap. 

✅ One on one coaching to maximise the training and ensure you implement the new approach fully into your racing.


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