Where your head goes your body will follow

Aug 08, 2021

Shakey Byrne demonstrating perfectly that where your head goes your body follows.⁣

Everything starts in the mind and then is turned into reality by the movements of the body. ⁣
When you focus completely on where you want to go the mind will make it happen subconsciously, without you having to think about what to do. ⁣But when you try to think about what to do next or are trying "too hard" to go fast you actually go slower and this is because your conscious brain cannot process enough information.
Just think..... off the apex, straighten the bike up, shift body weight to outside peg, adjust steering, gear change and watch for wheelie, aim for exit rumble strip, use all of the track.
As you can see from just thinking it, it is all too slow, even trying to think it never mind say it, it is slower than you need it to be when you are simply exiting a corner on the bike. ⁣So you can think and be quick, you have to ride subconsciously to be quick
When you ride at your best it has to be subconscious, your action and awareness merge and you are not thinking about what to do, you just do it. That is when you are riding in Flow, you are performing better without even trying, you don't know why but it just seemed so easy to go faster than everyone else that day and you feel great. The problem is that feeling disappears at the next race are you are left trying too hard to go quick again.
In the Performance Principles course, I train techniques to increase focus, overcome nerves and overthinking to trigger subconscious riding which as a result makes you faster.
Check out the overview video here and see how Performance Principles  will help you take your racing to the next level 

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