The Performance Principles online training course will give you everything you need to change your mental approach to your racing, creating a strong, growth mindset that is in control of your performance and recognises the key indicators to perform better.

Watch the video for everything you need to know:

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What Racers Are Saying About Performance Principles 


The Techniques We Cover Are Podium Proven, And Used At All Levels Of Riders I Work With In The UK, USA, Australia & Europe. The One Thing They All Have In Common, Is They Want To Race At Their Best. 

✅  Proven Strategy 10 Minutes A Day Format To Create A Performance Mindset And Change Your Mental Approach To Your Racing 

✅ Instant Lifetime Access To The Entire Course Content For You To Go At Your Own Speed

✅ ​Videos, Apps, Audiobooks, Routines, Techniques, Quizzes and Coaching emails all to help you get the maximum out of the course and implement the routines and techniques to increase your performance and get the results you deserve 

​✅ Access To The Inner Circle Community Group For Ongoing Support & Live Q&A Calls

​✅ Individual 60-minute coaching call to work on your specific challenges and ensure you have everything you need to perform.

​✅ Race weekend structure to manage your downtime and have you firing on all cylinders from the out-lap instead of taking ages to get up to speed. 

​✅ Session debriefs to review your strengths in the session and areas for improvement. Everyone works on with the bike needs after a session, but you will be working on what the rider and bike need to make it easier to improve the performance. 



Performance Training   

Designed for professional racers who are ready to fight for their championship