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When you require dedicated consultancy to move the needle on your performance as a professional racer, race team owner or business owner you can contract Camino Coaching to create a structured plan to increase you or your organisation's performance to the next level with podium proven techniques and processes that wor


"I wasn't getting enough sleep and was working long hours without much rest and then pushing myself to go to the gym at 6am each morning thinking 'this is good for me'. You can often think you're doing well and working hard if you're always busy, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're working efficiently (so I now know!). I hadn't heard the term Flow before but the way in which Craig explained it and the characteristics assigned to a Flow state definitely struck a chord. I didn't appreciate there were certain ways to consciously get yourself into this state; I just thought it was something that happened occasionally when I was 'in the zone'.
Craig is a great trainer and took time to understand what we needed from a business point of view so he could make each session really useful for us."

Angela Chapman
Operations Director
Rockar Ltd


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