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Flow Coaching Designed For Those Fighting For Their Championship

In Some Of The Most Demanding Race Series On The Planet 


The Peak Performance Programme is designed for professional racers & teams who want to fight for their championship.


The programme will help you create the conditions to access Flow on a regular basis creating your peak performance state where you ride and race at your absolute best


Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness, a state where you feel your best and perform at your best. Those moments of complete attention and total absorption, when you get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears. Action and awareness merge.

Gain from the only bespoke Flow in motorsport training programme that is 100% relevant and relatable to the challenges you are experiencing in your own championship. Peak Performance Training is podium proven to meet and surpass the challenges and demands of BSB, FIM CEV and  World Championship race weekends.   



Exclusive 1 on 1 training for professional racers & teams who are ready to fight for their championship