Peak Performance Programme 


Created for riders who are ready to fight for their Championship 


1 on 1 video call 30-minute training sessions

training and coaching to create the exact conditions where you feel at your best and perform at your best 

Flow Technology Training 

Daily practice to train the brain to stay consistent and recover quickly into a cool, calm, confident state, to overcome distractions and eradicate mistakes.  

Race Weekend Structure & Support

Coaching calls and Flow debriefs to have you working on your performance throughout a race weekend with feedback on how to improve. 

The training helps you create the exact conditions and triggers to access Flow more readily and repeatedly where you feel at your best and you perform at your best.   


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NOTE: This is NOT for Everyone...

Not everyone can create a change in their mental approach and instead are looking for a magic pill. Your results are not guaranteed. This training programme is only for those that are driven to improve and are willing to put in the work and understand that success does not come overnight. This training programme will, however, show you what can be achieved with the right mindset, knowledge and willingness to succeed.

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