F1 Spec Simulator Training 

with Brain Wave Telemetry


The Camino Coaching Sim training program is an exclusive programme built for professional racers who want to take their racing to the next level  


Training in an F1 spec simulator on the circuits you will be racing on in your series, with brain wave telemetry to train the brain for more speed, consistency and eradicate common mistakes. 

For Those Who Take Their Performance Seriously.  

Using real-time data from EEG while driving in the state-of-the-art Motech connected simulator, giving you telemetry from the simulator and telemetry from the mind, you will see what is happening when you are performing well and the conditions needed to create that level of performance consistently, as well as the brain activity when you are distracted, stressed or over-trying. Creating the perfect training routine specific to your needs and challenges.  

The 12-month program runs through pre-booked training days at the simulator to run through different scenarios and challenges, as well as getting you dialed in at lap record pace for the track you will be racing on next 

With immediate feedback, you will see through each session how you were able to overcome obstacles which in the past would have affected your performance. Giving you routines and techniques to stay on point and increase your performance.

Learn more about brain wave telemetry training here.



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