Are You Looking For The Final Piece In The Puzzle?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Are you looking at the final parts of the puzzle to take your racing from mid-pack to a podium contender?

Ask a driver what’s holding them back from reaching their goals, and they’ll usually tell you: it's the setup, the team, or lack of money for the latest and greatest kit etc.

These are three mountains we all have to climb, in the world of motorsport but if you are fortunate enough to have the drive, a competitive car and the recourses to compete in your championship for the season and you are still not getting the results you feel you deserve then it is time to look elsewhere for the solution to the puzzle.

They are more to do with your interior world than the outside world. If you had taken up tennis, golf or athletics you would be used to talking to a mindset coach about your performance as there is little extra you can get out of a racket or club, these sportsmen and women know that the difference between first and last is down to your mental approach. So to move from mid-pack to a podium contender in racing it comes down to your mental approach. In the training that I do with drivers, we cover some key elements needed to make you a podium contender. They are:

1. Mental Strength – Without mental strength, it is difficult to win consistently - as so many elements in racing are beyond your control it is how you deal with the unexpected that matters not hoping that things never go wrong. In your own experience how many race weekends go exactly to plan? If the answer is not many then it is all about your mental resilience that counts in handling what is going on around you and still being able to perform as a podium contender along with a Growth Mindset will generate a strong mental approach to your racing. Take the mindset survey here to see what mindset profile you have.

2. Powerful Goal Setting – In my work as a high-performance coach I see a lot of drivers who don't set goals, replacing them with "I will see how I feel and if I get a good start then I will see how it goes." This approach to their racing does not help create better performance, as powerful goal setting allows the brain to focus better as it knows what you are doing and why you are doing it and does not waste energy trying to look for other things to cloud the mind. In the Speed Solutions programme we work on how to set powerful goals that keep you motivated, and in the zone.

3. Customised Performance Cycle – Performance is a cycle and the soon you can create an environment in your race weekends that allow the cycle the better you perform. Struggling to reach a meaningful goal, release to switch off and accept things just as they are, reengage with a new goal and dig deep to achieve it followed by recovery to replenish the energy and chemicals spent in the body and brain to achieve the performance. Most drivers stay in struggle all weekend, never switching off, trying hard to go quick and in puzzle solution mode wondering how someone can be lapping 1 or 2 seconds faster than they are, looking at data, setting, tyres etc.

4. Priming For Performance – The downtime of a race weekend is a killer for performance if it is not managed correctly and so it is vital to turn on the body and mind for ultimate performance before driving on track. Through the course, we use podium proven techniques that fire the mind and create Flow and when you drive in Flow you drive at your best with consistency and heightened performance.

5. Reflection & Debrief – What most drivers miss is the power of reflection and debrief on their mental activity during the session on track. They concentrate on the results and the exterior factors only. We decode the session to see what level you were driving mentally because when you have a cool, calm, confidence you drive faster and can overcome distractions and recover faster than your competitors which means you outperform them. Through debrief you learn what is growing for you in your mental approach to your driving and what areas are reducing and know exactly what conditions make you fast and what conditions block your performance.

6. Driving In Flow – The cornerstone of the work that i do with drivers in British Formula 3 and Formula 4 is creating the conditions to access more Flow in their driving. Flow happens to most drivers by accident, where everything seems to click and they are driving better than ever without any effort, it feels so easy and everyone else just seems so slow but then it vanishes and doesn't come back for many races. But the conditions you accidentally created can be duplicated on purpose. What has happened in your brain to achieve that higher performance was a release of chemicals in your brain that access more of your subconscious mind, which takes over your driving hence it feels easy to go so quick. The Flow triggers and conditions can that you will learn in the course allow you to access more Flow readily and repeatedly increasing your performance and creating a podium contender.


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