The only online purpose-built 

Mindset Development Programmes 

for motorcycle racers

handle and overcome the challenges of a race weekend with a structure designed to improve your knowledge and awareness of your performance, increasing focus and confidence to take your racing to the next level. 



Junior Riders Academy 

The online race school for riders aged 12 -17 years old delivers all the support, training and mentoring to give a young rider the advantage over the rest of the field in the highly competitive junior race series. The online course is designed exclusively for motorcycle racers and the demands of a race weekend, creating a structure where there can be chaos and the fundamental understanding of where performance comes from to create a performance mindset, maintain focus and build confidence which increases performance on track. 

Performance Principles 

Designed for racers racing in their national race series. Join over 100 racers from all over the world racing in different classes who are gaining from the Performance Principles course. Performance Principles is the only purpose-built online programme, designed to help Motorcycle Racers transform their mental approach to their racing, un tap their potential and increase focus and confidence to make real shifts in performance and results.  Just like Netflix but for racers, the 10 minutes a day videos training is all on-demand and available whenever and wherever you want it.

Peak Performance 

Designed for professional riders who are ready to fight to win their championship, the Peak Performance training utilises all the conditions and triggers needed to drop in your optimal state of performance where you feel at your best and your perform at your best, with little or no effort, it all just clicks. This state is known as Flow and most racers have felt it at a race weekend but it vanishes and doesn't return for a season or more.  The Peak Performance programme creates the exact conditions to access Flow more readily and repeatedly. 

Cormac Buchanan  Redbull Rookies / British Talent Cup

"I know a key component is the mental side of sport - something coach Steve initiated at home in NZ. Over here I’ve been enjoying continuing to develop such an important skillset by working with Craig at Camino Coaching.
His Performance Principles training is giving me some valuable tools. The fact it’s developed specifically for racing makes it relatable and easy to understand and apply the techniques."

Dan Jones

British GP2 Championship

"Camino Coaching has helped me massively with improving my performance. It is not just speed, but also consistency. Using different techniques to help create a foundation which is very important.

I would highly recommend getting in touch with Craig from Camino Coaching. You won’t regret it!"

Sam Lowes

Moto2 World Championship

"I started working with Craig to improve my focus on a race weekend and to make sure I am getting the most out of every aspect of myself. As well as highlighting areas needed for improvement.

The training gets me in the place I need to be to perform at the highest level in the world. It takes work but when I am in Flow, everything is happening more naturally giving me an easier feeling"


Junior Riders Academy 


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Performance Principles 


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Peak performance 


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