In the work we do at Camino Coaching in the F1 Spec race simulator using brainwave telemetry with professional racers, we can see when the brain is busy and "trying too hard " to chase a time. In this example, Run 1 shows the mind is overthinking and over trying state, making mistakes and trying to recover during this run the conscious mind is in control. The graph shows brain waves reaching the 300 to 500 range and this is not sustainable as the brain is using far too much energy in this state. Your brain uses 25% of your bodies energy and so it is always looking for ways to conserve energy.

After a break to discuss some routines to use, developed by the Navy Seals which will quieten down the conscious mind and activate more subconscious racing. Run 2 saw the lap time reduced by 0.332 along with a significant reduction in the brainwave activity with the graph showing brainwaves in the 50s as the conscious mind was being controlled through the routines that were applied, increasing attention which allows the subconscious mind to flow and control your racing and as a result the pace increases. Run 2 also saw fewer mistakes and it felt easier to go quicker compared to the "trying hard" Run 1. 

As you can see from the lap time on track and the brainwave telemetry the more relaxed and focused you are on your task the better you perform. Through Camino Coaching's Peak Performance Programmes you will learn the techniques and routines which will enable you to quieten down the conscious mind that is slowing you down and has you overthinking every move, which will increase your subconscious racing which gives you a level of performance which is hard to beat. 

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