Differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack with Speed Solutions training 

Developed through working with racers in the

British Superbikes Paddock



1-2-1 live training and dedicated support to ramp up your performance and take your racing to the next level. 

The course creates your 

  performance mindset through generating awareness of what your brain is doing when you are performing well and what can get in the way, when you are not.

Learn routines and techniques to handle nerves, develop stronger focus and create a process and strategy over your race weekends that raises the bar on your performance.


Feedback and debriefs chart your progress and development with post-race weekend coaching and strategy planning for the next round 


The training will include :

Growth Mindset ✅

How Your Brain Works ✅

Overcoming Distractions ✅ 

 Mental Warm-up & Preparation ✅

Decision Making  ✅

Handling Expectations ✅

Sensory Inputs ✅

Visualisation Techniques  ✅

Understanding Your Belief System ✅

Effective Goal Setting ✅

Controlling Your environment ✅

Managing Race Weekend Downtime ✅

Flow Triggers ✅

Performance Cycles ✅

Flow Conditions ✅


Unlock your next level of performance 

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