Shawn Bandel 

United States of America

Craig is a true professional. He has gone deep into what tools can tap into the mind of the racer to bring out top level performance under stressful circumstances like the grid when the motors are pinned ready to nail the start. It is given in easy to digest small increments daily. Constant application of the methods is the key to success. I am 3 months into the program and my racing is right where I want it to be, top of the box, having fun, and continuing to improve. Craig gives lots of personal attention. Thank you Craig!

Lani Zena Fernandez


Performance principles changed my approach towards racing. It helped me channelize my focus, manage my emotions and get off my distractions. The course not only tell you what to do but also how to do it and provides you tools to assist them. I could personally see a lot of improvement in my performance which was quite evidential with my lap times and results. The bite sized classes helped me process the information completely with the doubts being clarified after every section. It covers the important aspects of what a racer needs and it made me better on and off track.

Harry Cook 

United Kingdom 

Really helpful and makes you think clearly throughout race weekends. Craig really helps as I contact him through messenger doing debriefs 👍🏽👌🏽 Performance Principles helps massively.👍🏽👍🏽






John Kilcar 

United Kingdom 

Craig gives you the tools and knowledge you need to create a performance mindset. The course is well paced and has an easy format to follow with each section building on the previous. One of the best performance upgrades you can get.








Christian Nemes

United States of America

Absolutely splendid presentation on how to specifically improve one’s mindset when it comes to the sport of motorcycle racing and track riding. Detailed chapters each day keeps it manageable for most daily life schedules, while the suggested apps make it possible to measure and see results in sleep habits & measure readiness for peak productivity/performance. Quizzes make sure you properly retain the information. Definitely a game-changer for the off-season, and then carries over into the track season with plans of attack for buildup into the events and breakdown/analysis afterwards while it’s still fresh. Looking forward to putting the stronger mental abilities to use once this season starts up!

Iain Hopcroft

United Kingdom 

Unlocking parts of my brain to help me achieve the best version of myself.
Craigs approach/method to this is working great for me so far.
I thought I was doing everything I needed to and my limit was reached... I was wrong.








Romain Thomas

United Kingdom 

We know that the brain has got way more capacity than what we use, but we wonder how to use it...
It is particularly true with racing.
Craig explains how the brain works and how to use a lot more capacity than we use to and be more focused to ride faster.
I can’t tell you if that actually works as the season hasn’t started yet and I haven’t been on track, but what I can tell you is that I use some of the principles for my winter fitness training, and the result is amazing! I used to have to motivate myself to go for a training session, where today it’s my brain that tells me “come on come on we have to go!” and I can’t wait to go training. Now imagine when it will tell me “be ready for your session on track, I will make you go faster than ever!” 😮
Now it’s not a magic pill! That course requires commitment, practice and consistency. You will have to dig deep in your own mind... but that’s really worth it.

Finley Arscott

United Kingdom

Camino Coaching has really brought my riding on and not only that but my mental approach to my racing. The short video format is very easy to understand and If you ever need to ask a question Craig is always on hand to help, I cannot fault the service. I really would recommend this to anyone looking to further their riding and mindset.










Ben Taylor

United Kingdom 

Great course- recommend it. It has a great format only being 10mins a day so you can easily fit it in. It has helped calm my nerves before races and has made me a more confident rider.












Chris Johnson

United Kingdom 

Great experience, recommended! It has helped me improve as a person and as a rider, feel more confident going into each round and results are improving.













Rory Parker

United Kingdom

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve their racing. Really helps you understand and change you mindset so you get the best from yourself.













Noel Smith 


A MUST for anyone serious about their Racing. The Performance Principles course is game changer in my eyes. Giving me control over my mindset and thoughts leading up to and during race meetings, which I've struggled with in years gone by. Definitely a must for anybody looking to improve. Looking forward to putting all the little skills into practice soon.












Liam Sutherland

United States of America 

Half way through and already seeing results.,I’m still in progress of working through the online course Craig has set up. Before even getting to the phase of the course which talks about being on the bike I’ve seen positive effects which saw me drop personal best lap times during a race weekend. The mental preparation tools and drills after only a week or so allowed me to be in a much better mindset through the whole weekend. I honestly can’t recommend this enough at this stage.













Clifford Ogle 

South Africa

Really enjoying the bite sized lessons. Some of the information seems quite basic when addressed, but is very often overlooked. As a package it really does give the rider a good foundation to build on. I have no doubt that any one enrolled in the course will absolutely improve his/her skills and become a much more accomplished rider.















Paul Whitby 

United Kingdom

In a word, Excellent! Craig has got me thinking and looking at matters from a new angle, providing the science and explanation behind what is happening and offering solutions to make changes. The 10 minute a day format is great, allowing time for understanding and review. I'm looking forward to putting the new techniques into practice!!















Stephen Wilkinson

United Kingdom

Really enjoyed the course. I found it well laid out and in easy to digest sections. Each section was rounded off by a phone call to check on progress.
Having now been able to put the course into action i feel much more confident and feel it was well worth the investment.













Mike Sterrow

United Kingdom

The performance principles course from Craig at Camino Coaching is a game changer for taking positive steps forward in your motorcycle racing. Broken down into 10mins a day chunks of valuable info, the tools and mindset you can gain have turned my season around, PB after PB! Craig’s attention to detail is second to non, and I found the end of module debriefs invaluable. Craig has time for you and genuinely has your best interests at heart, which filled me with the confidence to move forward! All the time you’re hesitating about signing up for the course, you’re standing still! Thank you Craig!! 👍🏼